Drum Flexo Printing Machine

Drum printing machines are a machine that can achieve the highest level of printing image in Flexo printing and minimize knocks and vibration. As a printing material, it can even print on strech materials with very low micron values, especially Paper, Aluminum, Opp derivatives. In addition, thanks to the wrapping of the printing material on the drum, much faster and much higher quality printing is obtained.


      • Print speed 250m/min
      • Hydraulic bobbin lift unit in winding and warping
      • Winding and warping bobbin diameter 1200mm
      • PLC Touch screen
      • Press-fit system with PLC
      • camera control system
      • Speed ​​sensitive energy saving Infrared drying system
      • Drying unit after each color
      • Linear guide system
      • Drying Tunnel
      • Intermediate tension system with loadcell
      • Edge Control unit
      • mixer motor system
      • Ceramic anilox roller
      • crane system
      • Ragle: Doctor Blade Blade system
      • Color numbers – 4-6-8-10
      • Print widths 50-80-100-130-160-200 cm
      • Print Repeat : 300-900 mm
      • High energy saving
      • compact design